"Everytime i met somebody who was close to her in the industry, or publishing or management or lable I would say ‘okay' i pull them aside and say 'really I won’t tell anybody i get this stuff I’m on the inside too. Who was writing those songs? just tell me, it ends here' and they say 'she is writing those songs' and i say 'okay i guess i can’t ship away you right now but i will found out who is writing those songs' and i asked her one night and i said 'honest to god who is writing the songs?' and she said 'oh it’s me i can’t believe I’m writing those songs' and i was like 'okay i don’t know where else to go on this’. So I sat down and we started playing guitar together one day…and son of a bitch she writes her own songs" - John Mayer


IF TAYLOR DOESNT WEAR THE CHEERLEADER UNIFORM ON TOUR IM GONNA go and have a great time but secretly wish she chose to wear it

Taylor Swift out and about on August 08 in NYC.


taylor swift road to vegas

Behind the scenes of “Shake It Off”

You would hide away and find a piece of mind with some indie record that's much cooler than mine


Taylor Swift - 50 greatest songs

"Girl At Home"

When I see you pick up your phone

and tell her you’re coming home

Don’t look at me

You’ve got a girl at home

and everybody knows that

t h e m e